Smile Makeover

Who said a makeover had to be confined to hair or make-up? You may not want a Hollywood smile but you may be unhappy about certain aspects of your teeth when you look in the mirror. Whether it’s a chipped tooth that needs attention or simply a tooth whitening treatment, Victoria Dentalcare team can offer a solution.

Our expertise in both general and cosmetic dentistry means we can deliver a truly personalised service giving superb results. Although the appearance of your teeth is vital for that dazzling smile, what’s more important is your oral health. The health of your teeth not only affects how they function, feel and look, but can also affect your bodily health too. Infection and inflammation of gum tissue has been linked with diabetes and heart disease. Therefore maintaining a high level of oral health is our first priority in order to provide a strong dental foundation for our range of dental treatments.

Designing your smile makeover

Unlike stand alone cosmetic treatments which are carried out at our dental clinic, a smile makeover is a bespoke comprehensive plan which is designed purely for you and combines any number of treatments which are best suited to meet your oral health and cosmetic goals.

Whether you want to replace outdated fillings with modern inlays and outlays or straighten crooked teeth with a virtually invisible brace, we have the skills and expertise to deliver on all counts. Treatment options for a smile makeover include dental implants, crowns and bridges, veneers and laminates, orthodontics, Invisalign, teeth in an hour, tooth whitening and much more besides.

Making it happen

The first step towards your smile makeover is an initial consultation with Victoria Dentalcare team . After a thorough examination of your teeth and mouth, we’ll discuss any concerns you have and how you would like your teeth, and ultimately your smile, to look. This includes explanations of certain procedures and from this, our doctors will draw up your very own unique smile makeover treatment plan.

Why not drop us an email to make an appointment and be one step closer to achieving that ideal smile. Victoria Dentalcare team look forward to meeting you and giving you the smile you deserve.