• Company Retreat 2016
    Date / Day 18 March 2016
    Location Hotel Mercure Roxy Singapore
    Time -

    Every year, as part of Victoria Dentalcare’s employment benefit, the company organises Annual Overseas Company Retreats to allow all staff opportunities for bonding outside of work. It is also the company’s way of thanking them and reconising them for their effort and dedication. Since the introduction of the benefits, we have been to Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangkok and a cruise trip.

    This year, we had a recent Company Retreat at Hotel Mercure Roxy Singapore on 18 March 2016 to welcome our new staff and to introduce our company's directions and goals. We also had a company lunch together, where we were able to bond and get together with one another as a whole company. 

  • Company Trip - Seoul, South Korea 2015
    Date / Day 3rd - 6th March 2015
    Location Seoul Korea
    Time -

    Visited Rothwill Clinic on second day of the company trip.

  • Team Bonding Session at Bangkok, Thailand 2014
    Date / Day 24-26 September 2014
    Location Bangkok, Thailand
    Time -

    Organised by Dr Chye, staff from all 4 branches will be heading to Bangkok to have a team building session to strengthen the bond and relationship between staff from the different branches.